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Golden Art, LLC is dedicated to sourcing and providing Investment Grade Gold (IGG), one of the most strategic and lucrative investments for this decade. The global economic crisis, precipitated by escalating national, corporate, and personal debt, cries out, “Reallocate your investment portfolio!" More urgently, the wisdom of the ages calls out, "Invest in Gold!!" With strategic precision, Golden Art exclaims, "Invest in Investment Grade Gold!!!" Not only to protect your financial portfolio, but to see it grow substantially. Golden Art is a worldwide leading expert in the IGG market, and we are positioned to offer personal attention to develop IGG portfolios.

Golden Art enjoys an exclusive affiliation with a team of the world's foremost experts in Investment Grade Gold. Our team includes U.S. experts who were instrumental in the critical development of modernizing the U.S. rare coin market, as well as key European dealers.

Golden Art plans to help modernize the European rare coin market working with this group. Prior to the public announcement of the systems to certify, grade, quantify rarity, properly value, and electronically trade European rare coins – which could result in prices moving up hundreds or even thousands of percent – the group is in the process of assembling a $100 Million position of the most important European rarities, focusing on rarities of the British and other world Empires at low current prices. Thus far Golden Art has built one of the world's largest collections of major European rarities.

At one time European rare coins were the world’s most valuable. Today, US rare coins are the world’s most valuable. This is because US markets have very efficient grading and trading systems which began to be modernized 40 years; while European rare coins are still priced based on an antiquated valuation system.

Golden Art believes that their clients’ positions could be worth a cumulative $1 Billion or more once the European market is modernized. The time window is small, as Europe is already in the early stages of its modernization.

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