1. What does IGG stand for?

Investment Grade Gold.

2. What do you mean by "Gold bullion protects Wealth" and "IGG creates wealth?"

Bullion simply reflects confidence in a particular currency's value. As the value of a currency decreases the market price of bullion increases because it takes more of the depreciated dollars to buy the same amount of bullion. Bullion by itself does not create wealth. It only provides a hedge (an "insurance policy") against inflation. IGG, on the other hand, not only provides the hedge of bullion because it is made of precious metals; it also provides great appreciation potential because of its rarity or collectible value.

3. If I bought some of your coins, how would I redeem them in the future?

First, please understand that all types of collectibles are long-term investments. We do not recommend IGG for short-term gains. Second, we work very hard to find the coins you buy, carefully selecting the most desirable coins. We have qualified buyers who are always looking for great coins. But it would be impossible to guarantee that we can find a buyer for your coin. But we will always do our best to arrange a mutually profitable sale. Since these coins are purchased as part of an overall strategy designed to benefit all owners in our group, it is our desire and is in our best interest (as well as the in the interest of the others in the group) to keep the coins within the group. 

4. What are the timeframes I should consider with this European gold coin opportunity?

We anticipate the best window of opportunity to purchase will be the next 12 - 18 months, while the expected range of maturity is five to six years.

5. What percentage of a portfolio is traditionally invested into gold?

Historically, experts have advised having at least 10% of one's assets in gold, but in the current perilous economic climate, some are recommending as much higher percentages. It all depends on your personal assessment of the danger of inflation, and of course, your financial situation.

6. How high do you see the price of Gold going in the next few years?

Many experts see bullion going to between $2,000 and $5,000 per ounce even without a crash of the dollar. Of course, a currency crash could send Gold to $10,000 and up. We are not concerned about the price of bullion because its price has little to do with the value of IGG. For instance, during a large percentage drop in gold bullion, we observed large increases in the price of IGG.

7. How can I watch one of your free Gold Investment Webinars?

Please use the Contact form on this website (and set the subject to "Webinar") or call us at 561-753-5998. You can also watch past Webinars on this site by choosing the Videos button on the home page.

8. Does Golden Art, LLC warranty or guarantee the authenticity or grade of coins?

Certification of authenticity and grade of collectible coins is made by the grading companies, the best known of which are NGC and PCGS. See their websites to view their guarantees. There is no warranty by Golden Art, expressed or implied, as to any aspect of the coins and/or precious metals that are purchased.  All representations regarding coins and/or precious metals purchased by buyer are based on information received from other entities as to quality, character, grade, condition, size, weight, authenticity, value and collectability and such information, received by Golden Art, is merely provided to the buyer.

9. Does Golden Art, LLC guarantee the price or value of coins?

Golden Art, LLC acts as an intermediary in connection with the purchase and sale of collectible coins and/or precious metals and generally has no ownership interest in these product(s). Golden Art’s participation in the sale and purchase of collectible coins & metals is limited to finding a seller for the buyer and finding a buyer for the seller of said coins and/or precious metals. The price is set by market forces. Specifically, the price of any coin or set is determined by the owner who sells the coins using Golden Art's service. No warranties as to the value of any coins or precious metals purchased or sold are made by Golden Art. As with any other product who value is determined by market forces, no guarantees can be made that the value of the coins will be maintained at current levels or that they will increase by any specific percentage over any period fo time. 

10. Does Golden Art. LLC promise to buy back coins they have sold?

It would be impossible to make such a promise. Golden Art has found good homes for a large number of wonderful coins. If even a portion of those owners wanted to sell coins back at one time, it would take a tremendous amount of money. However, we will always do our best to help our clients if they need to sell their coins. See FAQ #3 above.

11. How will I receive my "treasures" after I purchase them?

Almost all our coins are shipped by US Postal Service Registered Mail, as required by our insurers since they consider this the safest method. In certain cases, other methods may be used.

12. How and where should I store my "treasures?"

We have produced a video on this subject with a variety of solutions for various situations, Please con act us to view this video.

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