Gold Facts
Key Gold Facts:

Gold is recognized as best defense against inflation and one of the best safe-harbor investments, especially in today's worldwide turbulent economic climate.

Investment Grade Gold (IGG) is not only safe, but has consistently performed better than bullion and almost every other option over the last 100 years.

European rare gold coins are greatly undervalued in comparison to US coins.

The European IGG Market is currently being modernized and is poised at the crest of the wave for expansive growth like that experienced in the US.

We have only a small window of time in which to take advantage of this opportunity.

Golden Art:

Golden Art is a team of dedicated professionals that are worldwide leading experts in the field of IGG

A member of Golden Art helped originate and develop the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), which established the first grading standard in the US. Also, one of our members was one of the initial owners of Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC), which has become the world's largest third party certification service that certifies both the grade and the authenticity of rare coins.

Recognizing a multi-billion dollar opportunity, our team is currently on a quest to corner the market in the most rare and best quality European coins of select nations. We travel extensively throughout Europe and the world, buying up the great treasures that we know will benefit most from the same market modernization that helped propel the US market.

We refer to this as our "Billion Dollar Strategy," the Golden Art proprietary plan to build a multi-million dollar position in underpriced European rarities before modernization takes place (a similar concept to investing in an IPO).

Golden Art - Your Personal IGG buyer:

Our team is available to become your personal buyer and mentor, opening up a world of understanding about this unique market.

We are currently matching qualified clients with the upcoming buying schedule.

In normal economies financial advisers have long advised putting a minimum of 10% of one's assets into Gold. However, we are not in a normal economy, so you may want to consider allocating a much higher percentage of your assets to Gold.

You may also wish to consider shifting current investments whose returns do not beat inflation into Gold.

Additional areas where funds can be obtained for Investment Grade Gold include:
  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • 401K rollovers

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