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The Dollar Has Lost 96% of its Purchasing Power!

What was so important about 1913 that caused the US Dollar to start dropping so precipitously that year? That was the year the Federal Reserve was established to print counterfeit money.
And why did the dollar begin an even steeper drop in 1933? That was the year FDR took the US off the Gold Standard and started backing our money with debt instead of Gold. That was when Socialism began to really take hold in our once-great nation.
You can find the calculator below on Just scroll to the bottom left of the home page, and you can calculate any dollar amount and choose the years. (A similar calculator with the same results is on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics website). As you can see I had it calculate how many dollars it would take today to purchase what $1 bought in 1913. The result was more than $26. You can plug in any numbers you wish and click "Calculate."
So today a large Thanksgiving turkey that would cost us $25 or more would have cost your great-grandparents $1. Why? Is the turkey WORTH 25 times as much today? Of course not! It just COSTS 25 times as much because the Dollar is only worth 4 cents today compared to 1913. The reason for that huge drop is inflation. And the sole reason for inflation is criminal activity on the part of the government - in the form of driving our nation so deeply into debt that our great-grandchildren will be paying it off.
Due to Obama and others like him our debt is so huge that our children's generation will be the first in the hundreds of years of this nation's existence that will be worse off financially than their parents.
When the Democrat primary campaign began it appeared that Hillary had learned something over the past few years. Perhaps she has been reading Conservative Truth. In any case she initially distanced herself from Obama and his policies.
But of late she has been embracing his failed presidency. She has praised his ill-advised actions, and she has stated that she will continue his policies. I didn’t need any reason to vote against her, but perhaps the fact that her administration will be “Obama, the Sequel” may persuade some Democrats to forsake blind obedience to their Party - and persuade them to consider voting for a candidate who will respect the Constitution and start digging us out of this sinkhole of debt. It would only take a small percentage of Democrats (many of whom have admitted to pollsters that they do not like or trust her) to put a Conservative in the White House. Please, Lord, let it be so.
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