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1688 5 Guineas

The 1688 5 Guineas MS64 Proof Like is the Finest Known 5 Guineas of any Year
Large grand gold coins of centuries gone by are the ultimate treasures. The most important of all coins in the world are the Great Britain 5 Guineas (later called 5 Pounds). The 5 Guineas was minted starting in 1668 and is still being made today. However, the denomination is now called the 5 Pounds. The current year can be bought on the Royal Mint's website. It is known as the King of coins because it is the world's largest Gold coin ever made for commerce and it is one of the world's greatest creations of Golden Art. They weigh an impressive 1.35 ounce. The early 5 Guineas from the 1600's and 1700's are extremely rare in any condition, but 99.99% of them are well-worn circulated coins. This is due to the obvious. The 5 Guineas represented a fortune (between 3 and 12 months wages for an average person) and few that came into contact with one could afford to keep it and not spend it. The early coins were made for commerce. Today they are still being made, but only for sale as collector’s items.


The 5 Guineas was made for commerce, but the large size was virtually impossible for the average person to afford. They were made this large as a political statement that Great Britain was the greatest empire on earth.


Collectors want important coin series. What makes a series important?

1.  Important Country. Coins from third world countries are not sought after nearly as much as coins from important countries. Great Britain and its colonies eventually evolved into the British Empire, the largest in history. The famous saying, “The sun never set on the British Empire,” helps define the scale of global demand from collectors and investors.

2.  Significant Purpose in Commerce. As the world's largest coin made for commerce, the 5 Guineas and Pounds has great respect for its grandeur. After over 350 years, today it is still the flagship denomination of Great Britain.

3.  Longevity. The 5 Guineas and Pounds is the world's longest running large Gold coinage series. 

4.  Art. These great coins are the ultimate forms of art made in Gold.

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