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1489 Henry VII Gold Sovereign

The greatest of all trophy rarities is the first Sovereign ever made. This was truly a “Mission Impossible” type of effort, as there is only one in the world that can ever be owned. We are pleased that this legendary rarity is a part of the Golden Art Collection. This is a large handmade masterpiece of Golden Art. Only four are known to exist. Two are permanently in museums and one is owned by a billionaire collector family that has owned it for generations. That leaves just this one coin as the only one in the world that can be ever owned.
This is both the first Sovereign ever made and the rarest key date of the entire series. The first of a series is always the most important and most valuable. This is a candidate for being the world's most valuable coin. 
The Great Britain Sovereign (also known as the Guinea), is the world's longest-running gold coin series. First made in 1489, it is still being made today. You can buy a 2017 sovereign from the Royal Mint at about 50% over the gold price. The Sovereign is also the only coin in the world to have the distinction of having been minted beyond the soil of its homeland. It has been minted virtually around the globe, on five Continents. Great Britain was the world's largest empire, and the Sovereign was the currency unit of Great Britain. Therefore it stands to reason that Great Britain would need to mint coins in many of its colonies. The values of rare coins are based on a number of factors such as condition and rarity. However there is also the factor of variety that has major impact on the value of coins. The longer a series is, and the more variety it has, the greater its importance and consequently its value.
There are about 1,000 coins in the complete set of Great Britain sovereigns. Therefore the Great Britain sovereign takes FIRST place among all gold coin series in the world as the longest and greatest variety. This complete set is currently worth about $25 million. We believe that the set should be worth $250 million. Even $250 million would be cheap, as it would be worth closer to $1 Billion if it was a US series. It is for this reason that the Great Britain Sovereign is a top priority within the Golden Art collection. 
The most important of all Sovereigns is the 1489 Henry VII Sovereign for these reasons:
1.      It is the first Sovereign ever made
2.      The Sovereign is the only international coin ever made, having been minted on 5 continents.
3.       It is the only large head design sovereign ever made.
4.      Only four are known.
5.      The Sovereign is the most widely collected gold coin in the world.
6.      The current price record for a Sovereign is $1.26 million for the later made 1920-S.
7.      It is one of the "laws" of rare coin values that the first of any major coin series is always worth significantly more than any other rarity in the series.
The Sovereign is so important that we have dedicated an entire webinar series to it. Here are the links:
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