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1713S Spain 8 Escudos MS-65

Most experts believe the best in Spanish Empire rarities will rise substantially. This is the finest known 8 Escudos of this era, the largest gold coin ever made of the Spanish Empire.
Flagship Gold coins are the largest denomination of any country’s Gold coins that were actually made for commerce in classic (pre 1933) times. Investors and collectors want the best and biggest coins. Large Gold coins are the best, and most favored coins in the world. Investors and collectors are not interested in modern bullion coins as they are neither rare nor “real.” Investors and collectors want the “real” coins that were actually made for commerce. Bullion is not currency; it is simply a convenient form in which to hold Gold. Bullion is not an investment, whereas rare numismatic coins (Investment Grade Gold) are one of the world’s best and safest investments.
Only four countries in the world made Flagship Gold coins for any length of time. They are the US $20 Double Eagle; French 100 Francs; Great Britain 5 Guineas; and the Spanish Empire 8 Escudos. Other nations only made small coins which are not nearly as interesting to investors and collectors. 
Rare coins are generally collected regionally. For instance a US collector collects US coins and a Chinese collector collects Chinese coins. However, Flagship coins have international demand, making them the highest demand rare coins in the world. 
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