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10-10-10 Financial Survival Strategy

Don't be fooled by the title. This is not the "10-10-10 Financial Survival PLAN" from several years ago. We have upgraded this concept to "The 10-10-10 Financial Survival Strategy." What's the difference? A plan is a proposal for doing something. A strategy is a careful method of achieving a particular goal using complex adaptations. Obviously we don't want a complex strategy (we all like things simple!) but the world is getting more complex by the day, and our strategy must address those complexities.
Many very astute economists are certain that there is no way the United States can avoid Hyper-Inflation. Personally I believe it is highly likely - but not certain - that America will suffer Hyper-Inflation. I believe that at the very least we will see a severe downturn in the stock markets before the end of the year, but it could be a crash. If it is, it could well be accompanied by a crash in Real Estate such as we saw in 2008. We could also see bank and insurance company failures like we saw 7 years before that in 2001.
As I said, we cannot be certain that the major economic events that have occurred every 7 to 10 years for decades will occur this year. However, I am a very careful man. So the 10-10-10 Strategy has been updated so that its principles will not only keep our families safe, but could actually help us PROFIT from Hyper-Inflation. And if we escape Hyper-Inflation, severe inflation such as we have not seen for decades is an absolute certainty. Our huge National Debt assures that. In this case, the 10-10-10 will position you so that your savings will not erode as will those of most Americans, and your investments will grow because they will have been wisely positioned. I believe we are supposed to be the head and not the tail. In this instance, that means that we will thrive, not just survive, in the coming days.
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