SELECT * FROM article WHERE id='4400' AND status='visible' Golden Art Treasures - Your Coin May Be Part of a Great Set, Part 3 - 2016-10-11

Your Coin May Be Part of a Great Set, Part 3

Golden Art has been working on building a set of great treasures for years. Sets add value. Is your rare coin lonely and looking for company? No, Golden Art has not become a match making service! However your coin is already a part of a set and you may not realize it. Our new series explains set building strategies that nearly everyone can afford. In part 3, we discuss how you can build a set without leaving your living room. Golden Art does all of the hunting and assembling so you can relax! Through the use of new coin software and technology, the value of U.S. sets has skyrocketed. Experts predict the same will happen soon with Europe sets.

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